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So what you really need is not a change to the language, it's enhanced
"require", "load", "loadfile" and "dofile" functions with an optional argument
to make the load fail if the function ever generates a write to _ENV.
At most a backward-compatible change to the standard libraries.
I could support that.
That would defenitely be an improvement over the runtime attempt, actually it would be very close to what I suggested. But most scripts we have are actually loaded by calling lua_load(); in C not from within Lua by "require".
"loadfile" does not work as there is no file system around ;-).
So then I would just write a C wrapper around lua_load(); that checks what lua_load() produces. Of course it might be an option to check the output of the parser. But what is the advantage compared to simply change the parser at that particular place?

Even if I patched this in our variant I would have it as an option. I am sure that I wont force everyone to change their scripts that uses our system.