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On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 1:22 PM, steve donovan <> wrote:

It's 'import pairs, ipairs from _G' in Moonscript (which sometimes seems like a catalog of would-be features discussed on lua-l) 

OK, not difficult to write a macro to do this, but that feels over-the-top.  Otherwise it really does need to be a core change because it generates local slots which can only be assigned at compile-time.

How about if the following were allowed:

Local, followed by one or more variable names, separated by a comma and not followed by an equal sign, is to be read as the equivalent of assigning a global variable of the same name to the local scope. Such that:

local print, table, math, coroutine.create

is equivalent to:

local print, table, math, create = print, table, math, coroutine.create

I like that because I'm lazy.