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I am making my changes to luaproc publically available that add support for sending and receiving messages on channels from the parent thread using luaproc.  I posted here 7 months ago concerning this matter, and provided the source to Alexander Skyrme for potential inclusion in future versions of luaproc, as he indicated he was working on an improved version.  As that version is still not yet available (that I know of), I forked the askyrme/luaproc project on GitHub to make these features available to the public.  

About 7 months ago, I added parent thread messaging support to luaproc to handle adding a GUI to a testing framework that I wrote.  I needed the gui to be able to control the testing framework and be updated by calculations from the testing framework.  The lua testing code was being called periodically from the C code, and I wanted to handle launching the GUI from the lua code and interacting with it via messages. The features of luaproc did everything that I wanted, except that I needed the calling thread to be able to communicate with the gui.  After searching the internet to see what others were doing I saw that some others had run into the same issue.  I considered writing yet another concurrency library, but decided I would rather integrate the support into luaproc.  I made every effort to implement the support in a clear way with only necessary modifications that fit into the existing design. 

The project url is "";.

Feedback is welcome.

Blessings in Messiah (Rom 1:16),
Jeff Solinsky