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On 8/04/2013 7:02 AM, William Ahern wrote:
IPV6_V6ONLY is a socket option (setsockopt(3)) originating with the
Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 (RFC 3493).

On BSDs the value of this option is `27'. Defining it to `1' is probably
wrong. It may do the right thing with #ifdef guarded code, but it may result
in weird things happening if the option is actually used.

Just to confirm, on Windows IPV6_V6ONLY is also 27. From Ws2ipdef.h in the Windows SDK:

#define IPV6_V6ONLY           27 // Treat wildcard bind as AF_INET6-only.

Note that Windows XP doesn't support dual stack sockets, and this flag has the opposite default than on most Unices.

See also the note here:

Not that I know more than that, but I was curious so looked it up.