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Very interesting, thanks for sharing it with us! :)

On 30.03.2013 01:58, dcharno wrote:

I haven't seen this mentioned on the mailing list, but I thought
others might find it interesting.  The videos on the project page
look impressive.



Polycode is completely free and open source (MIT license), with all
development happening publicly on Github. Its core is written in C++
and currently runs on Mac, Windows and Linux with iOS and Android
support planned in the future.


You can use Polycode as a C++ library or write everything in Lua using
the Polycode IDE. Polycode's API is designed around the "do more with
less code" philosophy. It uses a managed scenegraph system that takes
care of rendering and updates, but provides the ability to do custom
rendering and updates if you so wish


Custom cross-platform IDE for editing content and Lua scripts. Write
everything in Lua inside the IDE and publish directly to all supported
platforms or use it in tandem with the C++ API for content editing.
Layout 2D Polycode entities (with 3D support planned for the future),
edit materials and write Lua scripts.


Publish your app directly from the IDE to all supported paltforms if
you are using Lua only. Polycode creates its own app format called a
"polyapp", which contains all of your code and assets and wraps it
into a platform-specific player. The C++ API is cross-platform as
well, of course, but you will need to compile it yourself



Bas Groothedde
Imagine Programming