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On 17/03/13 02:45, David Manura wrote:
> Installation also requires "apt-get install libgc-dev".
> In "Usage: clue [-m[lua|js|perl5|c|lisp|java]] file.c ..", the "lua"
> should read "lua51|lua52".

Thank-you, corrected.

(Actually I've just taken out the dependency on libgc. Compilers have a
long and honourable history of leaking memory like a sieve.)

> $ ./bin/clue -mlua52 ../lpeg-0.10.2/lpeg.c
> ../lpeg-0.10.2/lpeg.c:9:11: error: unable to open 'assert.h'

Easiest thing to do here is to either add an assert.h to
src/libc/include, or else just edit lpeg.c not to need it.

>      .. but how to specify the -I include search paths? and -D defines?

Right now you don't: clue is in an experimental
held-together-with-duct-tape-and-string stage, and is not really
intended to be used at all, let alone in an environment when that sort
of thing is necessary. (I will admit that -I and -D would be nice to
have, and not very difficult.)

The preprocessor used is built-in to sparse; if you really need to tweak
the standard setup, edit src/clue/main.c, look at the main() function,
and adjust the calls to add_pre_buffer().

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