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On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 12:52 AM, Eric Wing <> wrote:
> Instead, I think Lua should be the glue language instead of C++
> because it is even more portable than C++ and is a very dynamic
> language which loses less in translation crossing language boundaries.

Excellent suggestion. The challenge is to come up with a common
vocabulary, which may well lean towards one platform (like wxWidgets
has a Windows-y naming feel). And there's another convenient backend,
lgi for GTK+, although that will only become universally useful once
the new/old GTK transition is complete.

The _tricky part_ is designing abstractions that stretch to include
the mobile platforms, which are often different from the desktop
consensus.  Consider the Android ListView, it's 'equivalent' but works
rather differently.  Justin recently pointed out that this impedence
mismatch would be the big challenge for a truly universal GUI kit.

But it's an entertaining challenge because it involves thinking, not
just coding!

steve d.