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Excerpts from Rena's message of Sun Feb 24 00:15:07 +0100 2013:
> <> wrote:
> There is: the __index and __newindex metamethods. See
> myTable = {}
> setmetatable(myTable, {
>     __index = function(self, key)
>         print(key, "was looked up")
>         return rawget(self, key)
>     end,
>     __newindex = function(self, key, value)
>         print(key, "was set to", value)
>         rawset(self, key, value)
>     end,
> })
> That will create a table that will report when a value is read or
> written. HOWEVER, these metamethods are only called if the key is not
> already present in the table. So:
> myTable[1] = 'a' --will print a message
> myTable[1] = 'b' --will NOT print a message

Thanks, that was what i was looking for. Now i have one small question.
I plan to call the respective get and set methods based on the key, instead of using rawset,
just becayse each key will have its own logic.
Its there a way to call a method based on a string ?
like method = "set" .. key and the use it?

Thank you so much.

Alfredo Palhares