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Hello Lua hackers,

lgi 0.7.0 was released.  As usual, it is available either
from its github homepage[1], [2], luarocks (by 'luarocks install lgi'), 
or it might be available in your favorite distribution.  Note that since
github stopped file upload service, tarball download now works only
using tag-archive download.

lgi is gobject-introspection based dynamic Lua binding to GObject
libraries. It allows using GObject-based libraries directly from Lua. If
it sounds gibberish to you, ten simply said it allows easy usage of GTK+
and similar libraries from Lua.

Major feature of this release is subclassing support, which means that
it is possible to create subclasses of existing GObject classes (incl.
interfaces support) and override virtual methods in them.  Another
selling point is support of cairo-1.12 new features (most of them).
Special thanks to Uli Schlachter for most of the cairo work in this

Many other people contributed to what lgi is today, in many forms -
writing patches, reporting bugs, packaging for distributions, providing
ideas, spreading a word... Many thanks to all of you!

Any comments or other feedback will be greatly appreciated, use github
issue tracker [3] for reporting bugs.

Happy hacking!


0.7.0 NEWS:

    New feature - subclassing. Allows creating GObject subclasses and
implementing their virtual methods in Lua.
    cairo: add support for most 1.12-specific cairo features
    cairo: create hierarchy for Pattern subclasses
    cairo: assorted small cairo bugfixes
    samples: add GDBus client example
    samples: add GnomeKeyring example
    samples: GTK: offscreen window demos
    samples: libsoup simple http server example
    platforms: added support for darwin/macosx platform
    platforms: additional fixes for OpenBSD
    build: Makefiles now respect CFLAGS and LDFLAGS env vars values
    build: Add Lua version option into Makefile
    fix: custom ffi enum/flags handling
    fix: more exotic callback-to-Lua marshalling scenarios
    fix: do not allow GTK+ and gstreamer to call setlocale() - this
might break Lua in some locales
    fix: small adjustments, fixes and additions in Gtk override
    fix: tons of other small fixes