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Is there a problem? so far it is only about liking other solutions (like pyhtons). But I don't think that I've seen anything about something being broken now.

I like the one list. I've learned a lot (and still do)  by just following discussions and reading and trying to comprehend what is being said. Even being glad it were someone elses fingers that went to the pitbull at times.


Jeff Pohlmeyer <>schreef:

I have also wished for two lists...

  lua-users:  For people who want to *use* Lua.
  lua-devel:  For people who want to *change* Lua.

I'm not sure how that fits with the OP's idea, but I could see
a scenario something like this:

If you want to know how the length operator works, the puppy dogs
at lua-users will cheerfully lick your hand.

But if you are unhappy with the behavior of the length operator,
then head on over to lua-devel where the pit bulls will swiftly
remove a few of your fingers.

 - Jeff