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> ... and if I enable LUA_USE_STRTODHEX then I get errors in the scripts if I
> use hexadecimal notation:
> script.lua:59: malformed number near '0x880088'

That is why LUA_WIN does not define it :)

LUA_USE_STRTODHEX controls lua_strx2number; luaconf.h explains the

  @@ lua_str2number converts a decimal numeric string to a number.
  @@ lua_strx2number converts an hexadecimal numeric string to a number.
  ** In C99, 'strtod' does both conversions. C89, however, has no function
  ** to convert floating hexadecimal strings to numbers. For these
  ** systems, you can leave 'lua_strx2number' undefined and Lua will
  ** provide its own implementation.

-- Roberto