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On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 7:09 AM, marbux <> wrote:
> Was just looking at the MediaWiki developers progress on integration
> of Lua 5.1. They've generated a fair bit of documentation on their
> progress, changes they made in Lua, etc.
> <>.  They've got
> a MediaWiki extension called Scribunto working on a test server for
> integration of scripting languages with MediaWiki. Lua is the only
> supported language so far.
> Significant progress on an app that has somewhere around 400 million users.

We're actually planning on enabling this feature for the English
Wikipedia in about 8 hours (23:00 UTC, or shortly thereafter). If that
goes well over a reasonable testing period, the other languages will

The biggest piece of documentation is
which is <> edited to simplify
things for our users and remove the bits that aren't available in our
sandbox, and extended to document the bits we've added.

Brad Jorsch
Software Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation