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Hey, this explains a lot:
> Making all variables global by default was a decision taken in the very early
> days of the design. The rationale is that Lua is designed to be used as
> a configuration language, where end users will hardly ever write their own
> functions. Now imagine the mess of having to write > > global fgcolor="red" > global bgcolor="white" > global tolerance=0.001 > > This seems quite verbose and useless, from the point of view of the end user.
> So the decision of having globals by default makes sense to us ;-) and
> we don't feel we need to change it.

(Words by lhf, )

However, from what I've gleaned on the web, I had the impression that "local
by default" policy was what prevented Python from having proper lexical scoping,
and vice versa - that lexical scoping prevents Lua from implementing "local by default".
Is this true?