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Has anyone had luck with PRAGMAs using a recent sqlite and LuaSQL version? Retrieving results seems to be broken:

Lua 5.1.4 Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio
> require"luasql.sqlite3"
> env = luasql.sqlite3()
> env:connect("/home/vadi/Desktop/test")
> conn = env:connect("/home/vadi/Desktop/test")
> =type(conn)
> =conn
SQLite3 connection (0xc0bc58)
> cur = conn:execute("PRAGMA table_info('people')")
> =cur
SQLite3 cursor (0xc10218)
> row = cur:fetch({}, "a")
> =row

There's been a similar post on Kepler (, not much of a conclusion out of that except that LuaSQL is starting to become outdated...