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Consider this function:

local function cut( str, prelen, postlen )
  return str:sub(1,prelen)..str:sub(-postlen)
print( cut( "abc", 1, 1 ) )   -- "ac"
print( cut( "abc", 0, 1 ) )   -- "c"
print( cut( "abc", 1, 0 ) )   -- "aabc"

This function uses the canonical way to extract a prefix and postfix 
of a string. But I think the third result is a little bit surprising.

Seems like in Lua 5.1 it was undefined what string.sub( str, 0 ) does.
Lua 5.2 has one more paragraph describing what happens in this case.
But I think this paragraph was only added for cases like this:
  string.sub( "abc", -4 )

Currently I have to special case the above function for postlen==0.
Or I have to use positive indexes. 
  string.sub( str, #str-postlen+1 )
But this is not very pretty.

Is it possible to change this?