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On Tuesday, February 05, 2013 11:08:19 PM Dirk Laurie wrote:
> You must bear in mind that most metamethods not override anything. As
> Roberto has put it, they are called when Lua does not know what to do.
> They are fallbacks in cases where Lua would just return nil, or give
> an error, or resort to something desperate like the default length
> function for tables, which is undefined except in a common but very
> special case. To get them to work for you full-time, you must go to
> considerable lengths to make sure that Lua always does not know what
> to do. Like proxy tables, for example.

This is a good answer. Metamethods are fallbacks, not overloads. It's easy to 
forget that when living in the world of OOP where overloading methods is the 

tom <>