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Hi all,
There is a question about the code generation of OP_CLOSURE instruction. 
I've read the code about it(lparser.c ln 517). An expdesc was filled with "VRELOCABLE" and the "OP_CLOSURE" instruction, but the target register of the instruction was filled with "nextreg" immediatly. 
For the example code:
local a;
a = function() end;
The code generated was:
        1       [1]     LOADNIL         0 0
        2       [2]     CLOSURE         1 0     ; 0x80049078
        3       [2]     MOVE            0 1
        4       [2]     RETURN          0 1
It seemed that we can not store the closure directly to local var "a".
Why not keep the expdesc as "VRELOCABLE" and patch the target register later?