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That's another document sent to my Kindle for my evenings' reading list. ;-)

Thank you, Alexey. I can see you're the author of the package, great! I'm quite curious, I've heard of Occam many times before, but, actully, never had the need to look at it deeper.

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Alexey Baskakov <> wrote:
Hi, Peter!

> On the other side of the Lua/C wall we have a C/C++ programmer, who's
> thinking in low-level terms - frames, timing, callbacks, etc. As it
> turns out, my biggest problem was to understand how this gap between
> two programming paradigms is bridged - I knew only that coroutines were
> the recommended way. With my current understanding (I didn't have the
> time to study all the projects you guys linked to yet) 

Take a look at

It is intended to fill the gap you described. It contains internal coroutine scheduler
(big steps evaluator, in fact) and much more.