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On 30 January 2013 21:33, Paul K <> wrote:
>  Is this a feature or a bug?

This is a feature. Lets just look at one implementation 5.2 for now.
local a
local b
local c
local d
c = 1

Produces only there instructions one of which is the default return.
The first two being OP_LOADNIL which assigns nil to the first four
stack slots and the OP_LOADK which assigns the constant to slot 2(zero

local a
local b = 1 --<-- added assignment
local c
local d
c = 1
This will have five instructions, OP_LOADNIL to the first slot(a),
OP_LOADK to the second slot(b), OP_LOADNIL to load nil to the third
and four slots (c and d), OP_LOADK loading the constant into slot 2(c)
and the final OP_RETURN.

Now 5.1 bytecode is slightly different in that the OP_LOADK's are
optimised out for locals at the beginning of a scope so the first
snippet I have show will only have two instructions; one to load a
constant and the default return.

So it is a mixture of an optimisations and OP_LOADNIL loading values
to more than one slot.