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There is also HavokVM lua (I don't work for Havok), but it's still an interpreter.

llvm-lua might make sense where luajit does not, if you happen to use more than 4GB of lua only allocated data for example, or you are writing a plugin for OSX and you can't rebase the main app. E.g. look at the luajit limitations, look at the llvm-lua limitations and decide whether you can use it.

The limitations above are hardly problem for my needs, so I stick with LuaJIT.

On 1/29/2013 6:10 PM, cynthia powers wrote:
Can anyone point me to some good documentation on:
1. LuaJIT : intrinsics of luajit, advantages of using luaJIT,
disadvantages etc..
2, llvm-lua: intrinsics, advantages/disadvantages.
What factors to look for while choosing one over the other.. etc.