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> Running the attached script you'll notice that _ENV is not the first
> upvalue. Should the manual be amended?

The manual is clear: "When loading main chunks, the first upvalue will
be the _ENV variable". The key word here is "main". So, this holds only
for the function that represents a chunk, not the functions that it
defines. Try luac -l -l on your program and get:

main <upvals.lua:0,0> (33 instructions at 0x1019016f0)
upvalues (1) for 0x1019016f0:
        0       _ENV    1       0

function <upvals.lua:3,6> (7 instructions at 0x101901930)
upvalues (2) for 0x101901930:
        0       somelocal       1       0
        1       _ENV    0       0