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On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 3:19 PM, Egil Hjelmeland
<> wrote:
> It does not follow require/loads, has no options. But it does allow passing
> a list of files as arguments , so you can do

That is useful. On a distinctly non-usable shell I had to resort to

d:\penlight\lua\pl> for %i in (*.lua) do globals %i

I like the LUAC environment trick, and will use it.

Thanks BTW for an earlier version of your script, it kept Penlight
honest at a crucial point in its development.  I did this script
because of the usual love of hacking and I wanted something that could
give 'error' messages so that I could have an extended luac for
linting code from SciTE.  (It has already shown a hole in PL's 5.2

I do agree with David M however that to go beyond this one has to use
deep static analysis. I'd like to hack a version of his lua-inspect so
that it also generates editor-consumable warnings. The main reason for
this is that local variables don't have such an obvious signature in
the bytecode, and yes, we tend to keep _G clean these days.

(If anybody wants this script available from LuaRocks I'll do the packaging)

steve d.