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Hi All,

I have committed several changes to ZeroBrane Studio and MobDebug that
may be of interest:

1. MobDebug and ZBS now support Lua 5.2 debugging. ZBS is still
packaged with Lua 5.1.5, but you can debug Lua 5.2 applications from
it if you configure "path.lua" to point to your Lua 5.2 executable
(you will also need luasocket compiled for Lua 5.2)
2. MobDebug and ZBS now support code reloading, coroutine debugging,
and live-coding under LuaJIT. For the reloading and live coding you'd
need to use some recent version of LuaJIT as this functionality
requires this commit
to be included. This means that if you configure "path.lua" to point
to your LuaJIT executable, you can use regular commands from the IDE
to debug your scripts.
3. MobDebug has been updated to work with the most recent luasocket
that has Lua 5.2 support (unstable branch; tested on
Windows with Lua 5.2.
4. MobDebug and ZBS now support cross-platform remote debugging; you
can have your app and the IDE running on two different filesystems.
This allows to debug a Lua app running on Raspberry-pi from ZBS
running on a Windows or an OSX computer. This doesn't require any
configuration as the IDE will attempt to map the remote path to the
project folder you are using in ZBS (you will see a message when the
mapping is successful); you just need to have your Lua project files
present in both locations.

You can get both from GitHub: ZBS (this includes MobDebug
too) or MobDebug Please email
me or open a ticket on github if you notice any issues. Thank you!

- ZeroBrane Studio - slick Lua IDE and debugger for Windows, OSX, and
Linux -