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noob question alert. I've been googling around, trying to figure out how I can use lua libraries (I was looking at LuaSocket) from inside of an embedded application. So far, I've only found instructions for how to do install libraries into standalone interpreters. I'm new to some of the lua-specific terminology as well, so it looks like I'm stumped. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Background info: I'm using a mechanical simulation tool (GUI and Windows based, if that matters) that calls Lua functions. Say, you want to apply a force as a function of time, then the function could look like
function force(t)
	return 2*t
for example. It would be really neat if we could take input from a network port, a joystick,  or something along those lines. I am guessing that taking network input will let you pipe whatever input you want from wherever you want, but any hints on a better / simpler idea is also appreciated!