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On Fri Jan 04 2013 @  4:18, Matthieu Tourne wrote:
> Pretty curious about what's new!

Exercises in every chapter for one. Obviously, anything new to 5.2 is new
in this edition.

I've reread the first three chapters, and so far one thing jumps out at me:
in Chapter 2, when numbers are discussed the 2nd edition says very briefly
that worrying about arithmetic errors with floating-point numbers is an
misconception. The 3rd edition goes into more depth: it specifies that
integer arithmetic is fine (up to a certain size), but that obviously
fractional numbers can have problems of representation. It's a good
clarification, I think.

> Also, any chance for a good e-book version ?

The 2nd edition was available in ebook formats (one price for pdf, epub and
mobi) from FeistyDuck. The last I heard (on this list), the 3rd edition
will be available there too (not sure when):

Best, P
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