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(crossposting to wxlua-users as this is a wxlua-based application;
thanks to John Labenski for all the support and assistance with wxlua

ZeroBrane Studio is a lightweight Lua IDE with code completion, syntax
highlighting, live coding, remote debugger, code analyzer, and
hypertext/markdown formatting support for integrating learning
materials (examples and demos provided).

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions. Here is the
summary with the most important changes (full changelog:
- Added Unicode support for file encoding and file paths on Windows (fixes #30).
- Added Moai integration and debugging (including debugging of Moai
threads and callbacks).
- Added refresh of Stack and Watch windows after executing a statement
in remote shell.
- Added display of complex values on multiple lines in shell with '='.
- Added calltip on mouseover for functions during editing and for
variables/expressions during debugging.
- Added configuration options to set paths to lua and love2d executables.
- Added support for coroutine debugging with stepping through
coroutine.resume/.yield calls.
- Updated wx.dll to wxlua and wxwidgets 2.8.12.
- Signed zbstudio app and executable to avoid issues with files not
being saved without admin privileges and to remove warning about
'unknown publisher' on windows (fixes #25).

There were several changes to improve running on Linux, but more
complete Linux support is still work in progress.

I also posted a screencast that shows live coding with Löve:; here is
a similar screencast with a demo running on OSX:
(Nikita only saw mine after he published his screencast).

The code and the packages (.dmg, .exe, and .zip) are available on