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I'm happy to announce LuaRocks 2.0.9. LuaRocks is a deployment and
management system for Lua modules. (For more information, please visit )

This is a new release which features bugfixes and new command-line
features (the rockspec format, however, is unchanged).

In particular, this release should run out-of-the-box with Lua 5.2 --
note, however, that this support is still termed "experimental": many
rocks in the repository are not yet compatible with 5.2 (or actually
tested for compatibility). Keep that in mind if rocks fail to build
when using Lua 5.2. If you have any feedback about LuaRocks+Lua 5.2,
please let us know in the luarocks-developers mailing list.

What's new since 2.0.8:

* Experimental support for Lua 5.2 (auto-detection and explicit
--lua-version flag in configure)
* Solaris support and BSD fixes
* --nodeps flag for forced installation without dependencies
* "new_version" command to streamline writing of updated rockspecs
* Improved handling of LUAROCKS_SYSCONFIG variable
* Clickable URLs in descriptions in rocks repo index.html
* Nicer-looking persisted tables
* Assorted bugfixes

(As usual, see the GitHub logs for detailed history)

Thanks to everyone who contributed and reported bugs! As always, any
kind of feedback is much appreciated.

-- Hisham