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	Hi Paco

On Mon, 21 May 2012, Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 21/05/2012 15:04, Paco Willers wrote:
 I wish to continue my developing on a
 server which
 doesn't have the crypto C library installed which luacrypto depends on, so
 I cannot use
 luacrypto here. Is it possible to do hash encrypting in a Lua-only manner?
 On the Lua wiki
 I saw an article: it is possible with Lua 5.2. Can I switch to Lua 5.2 and
 still use Lua
 modules/libs that are written for Lua 5.1? (luasocket, coxpcall, copas)
 Any tips are welcome.

Indeed, Lua 5.2 has binary operators allowing to compute MD5 or similar algorithms. Probably slower than a C version, but I suppose you won't check thousands of password per second, so it should be OK.

AFAIK, most Lua libraries with native C code will need to be recompiled for Lua 5.2. I had to do that for lfs, luasocket, lpeg...
	If you don't mind using a C library with a binding for Lua,
you should try md5:

	It can also be installed via LuaRocks: