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I have the following lua table :

> t = {name="sandy", age="22", major="computerScience"}

I want to iterate over it, both methods below do NOT work

Method 1
> function printAssociateTable(t)  print("before the loop")    for i,v
> in ipairs(t) do
>     print(v)    end end

Method 2
> function printAssociateTable2(t)  print("before the loop")    for k in
> ipairs(t) do
>     print("before the loop")
>     print(k.. " is " ..t.k)    end end

when I call either methods, they print "before the loop". so the problem the program is not entering the loop !

i tried to manually access the table, if i do this :

> return
 => gives sandy

> return t[name]
 =>  gives **nil**

> return t["name"]
  =>  gives sandy !

how can i iterate over my table ? kindly note that both methods work well with a simple array like this 

> a={"a","b","c","d"}

but i want it to work on my associative array