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I'm doing some experiments towards replacing my small makefile by an
even smaller lakefile ;)
Being very dissatisfied by autotools, cmake and friends, I think lake
is a great tool.

However, I believe the newcomer would benefit from a better, cleaner,
(perhaps even shorter) documentation.
The current documentation is very complete, and tries to explain the
rationale behind lake, which is a good thing.
But I think some of us, may just want a concise explanation of "how to
use this tool", rather than "how it's made".

On this same newcomer line, I found the examples rather insufficient:
most of them consist of just one source file.
Later, I discovered how smart lake is, and it's the same with one or
many files. But at first, it looked awkard.

I guess, perhaps this is just my own surprise saying: "I can't believe
it's *that* simple, I must be wrong"

Another thing, after lake compiled my project it produced a bunch of
objects and dependencies stuff.
As I am a little obsessive, I don't like to have .d and .o files,
specially on my main directory, and I try
to put them into objects directory or something like that. Is there
any way to control this?

FWIW, this is what I'm targetting: