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Hi Roberto,

That seems more than reasonable to try to have the workshop in the US (or
at least in America ;-)), for the exact reason you are referring to.
Would it make sense to fall back to Toulouse by the end of the month "if"
there's no concrete proposal for a location in the US/America?
I know that it might sound pushy, but a bird in the hand is worth two in
the bush,... and if we were not to secure a Toulouse event soon enough,
then we couldn't make it happen at all.


Le 15/05/12 20:20, « Roberto Ierusalimschy » <> a
écrit :

>> It's now been a month or so since the last discussions around the
>> organization of the Lua Workshop 2012.
>> It seems there was kind of a weak consensus of the Toulouse location
>> in general, with a few people being concerned with the co-location
>> with another event. As I said already, having the workshop as part
>> of a larger conference is for the best IMO: more visibility, better
>> facilities, Š while keeping the ability to have "private" Lua social
>> events and stuffŠ For people worried by the date, I don't think late
>> November would statistically mean bad weather vs. something earlier in
>> fall.
>> In order to move forward on this topic, I'd like to propose to the
>> community to start taking in charge the organization of the event
>> for the 24th and/or 25th of November. We need to start looking for
>> sponsors and stuff and TBH, the sooner the better.
>> If there's no consensus by the end of May, I think we'll have to skip
>> the Toulouse opportunity for this year :)
>> Looking forward to having your feedback
>We think the Toulouse proposal very atractive, but we would prefer
>the workshop in the US this year, if possible, as it will be four
>years since the last workshop in the US. (Of course the "if possible"
>seems a big "if".)
>-- Roberto