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On vie, 2012-05-11 at 09:56 -0500, Tim Caswell wrote:
> Please don't misunderstand me. 
That's unavoidable, sadly :)

> My only warning is in making the suspension of the coroutine implicit.
> You can use coroutines and still be explicit about the points where
> your code can be suspended.  For example, in Luvit, I added a little
> sugar called "fiber" that looks like this:

Ok, i'm a bit lost. How does an implicit coroutine suspension look like?
My tasks can relinquish control trough a bunch of calls, easily
spottable (sched.wait, sched.signal,, and some wrappers around
those). For example I have this helper function ("run on a signal")

M.sigrun = function ( f, waitd )
	local wrapper = function()
		while true do
	return wrapper )

If the provided f doesn't explicitly yield (with a sched.signal or
something) it will run atomically. Or you mean, that I should *enforce*
that when used as this, f will not yield?