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this is a message to announce the dbghelper module. It injects a function
resumeuntil into the debug table, that can be used to resume a coroutine until
either a debug event (specified as for debug.sethook) occurs, or the coroutine
yields or returns.

You can get it from

The rationale for this is, I am currently doing some work in an environment
where lua is only available via callback functions. Standard debug hooks do not
work well in this environment. I injected the function into the debug table
basically because it is a debug function. While this detail might not be liked
so much, the general idea might be worthwhile for other people as well, so I
decided to make it available.

Documentation is on the page linked above, and in the header of the C file, and
it comes with a lua file that demonstrates a bit of what the function can do.

Please note, in order to compile the module you need access to lua's source
tree. This is basically why I did not package it as a rock.