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Hello everyone,
I am new in Lua. I am trying to send the data contents from my file directly into the Database ( MySQL ).
For that I need to do programming in Lua, and need to add all MySQL queries in the Lua program itself , such that every time I execute the program, The connection got established taking my user_name and password and my files moves into the tables of MySQL.
Please help me in programming.

The data file is:

problem description
title="3d Beam Sample Problem (Logan ex. 6.8, p.248)" nodes=4 elements=3

1 x=0   y=0      constraint=fixed
2 x=0   y=120    constraint=free    force=side_sway
3 x=120 y=120                 force=twist
4 x=120 y=0      constraint=fixed

Thanks in advance

Sandeep Ghai