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On 3 May 2012 23:37, Tony <> wrote:
> A critical difference between embedded boards such as the Mizar32 &
> the BeagleBone and the RPi & routers are peripherals such as ADCs,
> PWMs, and quadrature encoders.

The unusual thing about the Mizar32 is that it is not a canned
solution, nor an add-on board using Lua to implement some function, it
is a general-purpose computer.
When you turn it on you get a prompt on the serial port and can type
Lua at it, or if you put an "autorun.lua" on the SD card it runs that
program that when it boots - so it makes it easy to produce custom
solutions, or to learn Lua and embedded world without having to face
cross-compilers, programming code to flash memory and so on.

The closest thing to it in this respect is Bodgan's eLuaBrain


Disclaimer: I work on this thing