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Laurens Rodriguez wrote:
> My repository can be found here:
> ...
> (think in Lua with a JavaScript-like syntax)
> ...
> Also Killa is not JavaScript, because no matter how much flair
> JavaScript is getting right now, it has very horrendous parts, so I
> was aiming for the "beautiful parts" (T)
> ...
> I hope the game Lua community could give me some ideas and things they
> would like to see in Killa 0.2 and hopefully find some users
> interested on using it.

I heartily approve of this post.

1. Laurens is totally open about what other language sits behinds his
   ideas (not trying to surreptitiously smuggle bits of Python/ Ruby/
   Perl/ Haskell/ Smalltalk/ Erlang/ C++ etc into Lua).
2. He has already made available a working version of the current
   prototype (not trying to get the Triumvirate to do it).
3. He has created something he likes for his own pleasure like a true
   artist (not trying to impose his computerlinguo-political views
   on the rest of the community).

For myself, I have only one problem.

    Syntax rules my thinking.

When I the words out of one language choose, but the syntax of another
language use, feels it to me more if my think-work in that second language
done is, even looks it with the first eye-upbeat like a sentence which in
the first language written is.

But I can see that anybody who already has a working knowledge of
Javascript will feel at home in Killa.  Laurens, carry on the good work!