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On 23 Apr, 2012, at 13:07 , Matthew Wild wrote:

> On 23 April 2012 11:32, Peter Drahoš <> wrote:
>> Announcing pre-release of the LuaDist[1] batteries project.
> And to think of all those people still complaining about Lua's lack of
> batteries. What with penlight, stdlib, nucleo, this and the myriad
> other such libraries I think Lua may have more batteries than any
> conventional battery-powered language :)
Its also good to note that the batteries are completely built from source, including libraries. There are no binary blobs used (other than links to MinGW/native compiler of  the host OS). As far as I know this is not the case with other battery powered languages especially on Windows.*

The current selection of modules is bound to lua-5.1.x. , moving on to lua-5.2 will reduce the list slightly. However there are many more  (±250) modules available in the Repository[1] that we plan to make deployable with the "luadist" utility even in binary form. At the moment this can be used to make custom tailored distribution for releasing Lua based apps but building from source is required.


* GUI toolkits are a notable exemption, we plan to rely on the host libraries in this case