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Am 09.04.12 19:00, schrieb Martin Guy:
> On 9 April 2012 09:17, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
>> LuaNet is a (simple) Lua interface to access the network.  For now it
>> only contains the bare minimum I needed to talk to an Arduino.
> Er- where's the documentation?

There is none.

> What does it do? What is its interface? How do I use it?
> All I see is one example program - but what else can it do?
> Does it do anything that luasocket doesn't? Is it smaller? Faster?

I never looked at luasocket, so I can't say.

> Why would I want to use it over the standard luasocket?

No idea, that is up to you.  I publish it for policy reasons, not
because I think people should use it in favour of any other module.

And I use the net module in a demonstration at HAMRADIO 2012, to talk to
an Arduino board, so I want to make the code available.