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Miles Bader wrote:
> Hmm, you should add it to
> Deciding on which json module to use for lua is kinda confusing!

My (biased) decision is to use my own module when a pure Lua module is
required (usually in client applications) and CJSON
<> when a fast
server-side module would be required (which I didn't need so far).

I started writing my own module when I did tests with MUD-clients. At a
first glance I found only "JSON4Lua" <> which
didn't satisfy me (it parsed the strings as Lua strings instead of
JavaScript strings) and "LuaJSON"
<> which required LPEG and was
divided into many files (which relied too much on the Lua 5.1 module
system for my taste -- some applications use their own module system

So I took it as a challenge to write my own module. After I finished
that, I discovered that there were quite a lot of other JSON modules
hidden across the web and I started the comparison on the Wiki.

Maybe I should have contributed to a previously existing module instead
of starting an own creation, but...reinventing the wheel was fun at the
time. ;-)

-- David