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Steve Litt <> writes:
> When would one use LuaMotif, and when would one use wxLua? I'm not
> familiar with declarative style, but a glance at the website you
> referenced looked quite a bit like wxPython.

It also looks quite a bit like iup's input language.

Also, when playing around with lua-gtk, which largely just replicates
the C interface (modulo automatic GC etc), it was pretty clear how easy
it would be to write a higher-level wrapper layer for Lua .... that
basically resembles what iup or luamotif does.

I dunno about motif, but wxwindows is pretty bloated and huge (even
_without_ the backend GUI libraries it uses to do the real work), to the
point where I'm hesitant to write anything that would depend on it.

What would be _really_ neat would be a common Lua GUI interface that
could be supported by any of these various GUI libraries...
[maybe that's IUP?  I dunno, it's so crazily annoying to get working
that I've never managed to get very far with it!]


.Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.