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I think you want to look at NAT-PMP (NAT Port-Mapping-Protocol) or for
the masochists, UPnP. I see a lot of peer-to-peer software like
Bittorrent clients now support both to deal with NATs.

NAT-PMP draft/spec:

Maybe this library is usable? (No personal experience with it.)


On 2/23/12, Satheesh Kumar <> wrote:
> Basically what I want need is this:
> Two devices must connect and send data to one another(without an external
> server)  using tcp/udp.
> The devices are behind NAT.
> I read that this may be possible using a method called UDP Hole Punching.
> So how do I achieve this? I have a server (seems hole punching requires a
> server) but the actual data transfer must be without using an external
> server.
> Any help is appreciated.

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