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On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 1:16 PM, Ross Bencina
<> wrote:
> I would find it kind of weird if sorted() just returned a copy of self, if
> that's the desire, I'd say it's better to have sort() return itself.
> sorted() should make a sorted copy.

Makes sense to me.  Having conventions like that prevents confusion.

mlx.List is going into ml; this brings us up to 648 lines. When does a
module stop being micro ? ;)

(That's 17Kb source or bytecode)

If l is a List, then List(l) should be a copy constructor.  So we get
a simple definition List(self:sort()) for sorted().

The Set class is about 20 lines; does it go in too? Currently s1+s2
means union, and s1*s2 means intersection; we still have a few
operators left to overload!  Unfortunately, we don't have += etc
available as overloads.

steve d.