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I am happy to announce the release of stdlib 26,
General Lua libraries.

This release improves getopt’s output messages and conformance to
standard practice for default options. io.processFiles now unsets prog.file
when it finishes, so that a program can tell when it’s no longer
processing a file. Three new tree iterators, inodes, leaves and ileaves,
have been added; the set iterator set.elements (renamed to set.elems for
consistency with list.elems) is now leaves rather than pairs. tree indexing
has been made to work in more circumstances (thanks, Gary Vaughan).
io.writeline is renamed io.writelines for consistency with io.readlines and
its function. A slurping function, io.slurp, has been added. Strings now
have a __concat metamethod.

Download it from
stdlib's home page is at