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steve donovan <> writes:
> tbuff is a recursive local function, so the symbol must be declared
> before the definition. It helps to remember that 'local function f' is
> short for 'local f = function' - so any reference to f in that
> _anonymous_ function doesn't find the local because it's not defined
> yet.
> local tbuff
> tbuff = function (t,buff,k)
>   .-- refer to local tbuff!
>    ...
> end

Er ... what?

   $ cat x.lua
   local function f (n) if n == 0 then return 1 else return n * f(n - 1) end end
   print (f (5))
   $ lua x.lua

Although "local function X ... end" is basically syntax sugar for
"local X = function ... end", it isn't exactly equivalent, as this
example shows:  The former syntax makes the definition visible to the
function body, whereas the latter syntax does not.


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