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> Then if you have an ichars() method that returns a codepoint iterator,
> and you have the same API for other encodings, converting from one
> encoding to another becomes pretty easy:
>  u8encoded = utf8.char(utf16.ichars(u16encoded))

Note that even without iterators it can be very easy (provided utf16
module works like utf8):

 u8encoded = utf8.char{ utf16.codepoint(u16encoded, 1, -1) }

I like the utf8.ichars iterator idea. But thinking about it, I can't
find a situation where it would better suited than the utf8.codepoint
The utf8.char function could do it, still the next requested feature
will be to be able to write HAKṢHMALAWARAYAṀ as
"\uf67\uf90\ufb5\ufa8\ufb3\ufba\ufbc\ufbb\uf82" ...