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 On 9 February 2012 12:46, Avi <> wrote:
Since you've already gotten several answers about how, do you mind if I ask WHY you want to do this? I can't think of a single editor that doesn't do automatic line wrapping.

While I can't speak for the original poster, I am another 80 char enthusiast.

It's got nothing to do with old text terminals from prehistory, but more to do with being able to find the start of one line after the end of the previous one.  It's the same reason newspapers and books have columns of text in the way they do.  Whether it's 78, 80 or 100 characters is a less important point, so long as it's reasonably narrow.

I try not to rely on the editor's word wrapping.  If your line of code starts indented by a tab or two (as part of a larger function) then it breaks the visual flow to have it wrap to the far left of the next line.