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Tim Mensch <> writes:
>> But your item [2] really kills all of these ideas.  If we can't have
>> ustr:match, we may as well compile Lua with 16-bit Unicode strings
>> if our locale is fundamentally non-ASCII.
> Yuck. I would suggest that 16-bit Unicode was NEVER a good idea. Not
> even counting combining characters, you can't even fit all of the
> Unicode code points in 16-bits (over 110,000 now [1]), so some of them
> take two words to store ("surrogate pairs"). This means that you can't
> reliably index a UTF-16 string using offsets, and direct indexing of
> characters is the only argument I've heard in favor of UTF-16.

Yup, UTF-16 is an awful, awful idea.  It has basically no advantages
over UTF-8, and a fair number of significant disadvantages.


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