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On 2 February 2012 08:02, Miles Bader <> wrote:
Enrico Colombini <> writes:
>>> Parsing same 5.1MB JSON file, but yielding every 512 bytes. It's 0.03
>>> seconds slower.
>> Hmm, how about testing on a 1GB file...?  [e.g. the above Jason file
>> with the contents cut-n-pasted 20 times...]
> I sense a disturbance in the math :-)
Hmm, yeah, I mean, cut-n-paste 200 times!

No, 20 is too many.
You cut 5.1Mb, paste, get 10.2Mb.
Cut and paste that, get 20.4Mb
Repeat 6 more times, get  >1Gb :)