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On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 09:40:33AM +0100, sergei karhof wrote:
> >> If you want one /for/ Lua rather than written entirely in Lua, then
> >> there is always this:
> >>
> >> I suspect it would be reasonable easy to bind, or even port.
> > A few hours tinkering produced:
> >;a=summary
> > Not sure if it's good or not, but the example appears to create and decode
> > shares properly.
> Thanks, Dan. Very much appreciated.

It's worth raising here that the binding does nothing for the random generator.
As such, this is not massively secure due to the C library not having a secure

Any user of this would be strongly recommended to write a patch first (and
submit it to me if you want) which implements a better random function and sets
it up.


Daniel Silverstone               
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