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marbux <> writes:
> CodeMAX is a simple and fast text editor with the possibility to add
> custom features using the script language Lua. By creating plugins
> with Lua you can customize CodeMAX on your own. For exsample it is
> possible to build a complete IDE for different programming languages
> like C/C++, PHP, Pascal or Basic. <>

The editor "zile" (a sort of "minimal emacs clone" intended for
applications like install disks etc) is written in Lua.  Well, the dev
branch is written in Lua, anyway.

It's something of an interesting case:  the original zile was written
entirely in C -- and worked fine -- but the author came to the
conclusion that it was sort of a dead-end project, because of its
limited scope of use (most people can just use a fuller-fat emacs
version or clone).  But he also felt it was still a useful program to
have to support its tiny niche.  He wanted to keep it around for this
purpose, but also wanted to make sure it was not a maintenance burden.

So, he rewrote it completely in Lua to reduce its footprint, make it
more portable, and easier to maintain.


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